Repression or Resistance

“The right to protest is a fundamental liberty”, Priti Patel recently insisted in the Commons chamber.

Just so long as it isn’t done in a way that is noisy or annoying to her. The government is seeking to pass legislation in the form of the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts (PCSC) Bill that, as drafted, represents a serious threat to the right to protest. This would have obvious effects on many XR actions, rendering them ineffective, and would take away one of the only ways in which people can express their dissatisfaction in a democratic society.

If the state is seeking to repress us, what resistance can we offer? Come and discuss how XR might respond collectively, as well as what you may be willing to sacrifice personally to oppose this sinister threat to our human rights at a time when speaking truth to power is so critical.

Sign up here, we look forward to a lively evening of discussion.