Our Members

Photograph from the first NVDA training (March 2019)

Our members encompass young and old from many different walks of life. Some of us have office jobs; some live in communes – some of us do both! Extinction Rebellion is not a political organisation and so while it may seem that environmentalism is ipso facto a left-wing concern, we range along the political spectrum. (After all, hardcore Republican Teddy Roosevelt founded most of America’s national parks!)

Likewise, while we endorse and uphold the global and national concerns of XR, and the fact that the Global South are already experiencing the catastrophic effects of the climate crisis, we are also concerned with the local here in Suffolk. Many of us are keen birdwatchers, gardeners and dog walkers. While not all of us have children, we are all concerned with the plight that children are facing and will increasingly have to face in the future. If we can lessen that by just a bit, all our efforts will be worthwhile. We are very aware that XR has been characterised by the press as London-centric and middle-class. Strengthening local groups like ‘XR Ipswich’ helps ensure that the movement looks far outside its London confines. As for class – while we don’t have any barons amongst us yet – but outside of that, we range the spectrum. It is always worth remembering that the climate crisis affects all 99% of us… and even the wealthiest 1% of the very rich still need a habitable Earth to live on.

Ultimately, we all share the same Earth – the only home we have.

We currently have amongst our ranks: retirees; academics; at least one mechanic; a legal secretary or two; an ordained minister; a recovering retail worker; folks from the charity and non-profit sector; civil servants; children who are too young to work… the list goes on!

We operate under and adhere to a non-judgemental framework outlined by XR. If you’re worried about joining because you’re a.) Not a vegan b.) Occasionally fly c.) Want more children d.) Are a complicated, compromised human being like everybody else who lives in a society – please don’t let that stop you from getting involved by joining us on Facebook or by sending us an email at XR.Ipswich@protonmail.com