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Extinction Rebellion are known for our Non-Violent Direct Actions and if you disapprove of all forms of protest, then XR probably isn’t for you! However, there is tons more to XR than just going on the protests. Some of us are in the position where we feel able and willing to be arrested in protest against government inaction on climate change – however, many of us are not (especially pertinent to those of us who are single parents with young children) but we and you can still do loads to help!!

From helping raise awareness via coffee mornings and leafleting, to looking after the welfare of others in the group, there are a variety of roles – some more time intensive than others – available to you.

The most important thing is to get involved because the only meaningless action you can take in the fight against climate change is no action. So, thank you for reading and please drop us a line. You can email us at: or else just submit the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Here are some ways for you to start taking action on the climate and ecological emergency:

Time TakenActionDescriptionInfo
20 minsWrite to MPvoicing support for CEE bill
5 minsCensusdeclare yourself #ClimateConcerned on the 2021 census
10 minsReadRipple effect documentLink here
5 minsEmailIf you live in MP Dan Poulter’s constituency and would like to add your name to a group letter asking him to support the CEE bill, email your name and

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