Breaking: we’re taking the UK Government to court

Today, we can reveal that XRUK is backing a campaign to take the UK government to court.

Since signing the Paris Agreement in 2016, the UK has paid £3.2 billion of public money to polluting North Sea oil and gas companies. We say NO MORE.

In collaboration with Paid to Pollute and Uplift, we’re supporting three environmental campaigners to challenge the UK Government.

They will argue that the Government’s policy of ‘maximising economic recovery’ of oil and gas in the North Sea is illegal because it ignores the billions of pounds in tax breaks spent propping up the industry.

These industries are literally being Paid to Pollute.

In the year that the UK hosts the G7 and COP26, now is the time to stop using public money to subsidise climate collapse. It is time to lead by example and fund a just transition away from fossil fuels.

Find out more and support the Paid to Pollute case.